Solutions - Analytics in the Cloud 

Montana Data Company’s predictive analytics cloud application will enable our customers to import existing data – structured and unstructured (for example, customer details from a CRM or notes taken in the contact centre) and from multiple sources – allowing them to maximise the types and sources of data that can be used in our predictive models. …In fact, more data and varieties of data means better models and more accurate predictions.

Our data analytics solution addresses various shortcomings and frustrations in the traditional business intelligence arena which includes:

  • Business leaders frequently make decisions based on information they don’t trust or don’t have. 
  • Organizations are incapable of identifying critical data and analyzing it in time to make the required decisions.
  • Inability of making analytics accessible and easy for the non-technical business users who are in the front line making key decisions on a daily basis.
  • The total cost of investing in analytical software, infrastructure and people don’t always deliver the return on investment which prompted organizations to invest in the solution.

Using our file transfer technology, we can securely import large data files into our analytics environment and allow you to identify trends from your raw data. There is no user intervention, only the analytics application identifying and presenting trends in your data.