• Our ​long-term data storage and retention ​offering allows your organisation to meet the industry standard in governance and compliance regulations.  
  • All backups are on disk vs traditional tape eliminating tape switching, the risk of damage and migration challenges.
  • A unique portal with the following capabilities:
    • Consolidated view of the entire Backup environment across various business entities, departments and divisions within a Group.
    • Automated reporting of the backup environment via e-mail providing instant successful/unsuccessful confirmation of the backup action as well as eliminating the need for highly skilled and expensive resources to perform the reporting function.
    • Providing flexible costing and pricing models including Pay as you use cost per GB.
    • Accurate billing by identifying the source of data backed up and allocating cost to that specific node, division or department.
  • The ability to apply white labelling and multi-tenancy.
  • State of the art security including in-flight 256 bit encryption, XIV storage encryption and Tier 4 Data Centres.
Our Model